Colville Bay Oyster Company is a family owned business located on the shores of Colville Bay at the mouth of the Souris River in eastern Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Johnny Flynn (pictured at left), founder and owner of Colville Bay Oyster Co explains the secrets of our success.

“Here in the pristine waters of Colville Bay, our juvenile oysters spend up to five years slowly maturing into market-ready oysters. During this time, the frigid, nutrient filled currents are consistently flushing and feeding them, which coupled with the uniquely soft, silty bottom creates the ideal environment for growing a truly unforgettable oyster”

“From the beginning we felt that the key to our success would be to provide a top quality oyster by using only hand cultivation and harvesting methods. Our oysters are harvested, graded and packed by hand which allows us to ensure that only the very finest oysters ever bears our name”.

Our oysters get their distinctive aqua-green shell from being farmed close to the ocean surface. The proximity of our beds to the ocean at the mouth of the Souris River gives their meat a clean, soft, salty, superior taste that people rave about”.

“Our business has grown over the years by providing a friendly personal service. Our customers are people not accounts”.

“Some of the fine restaurants which have featured our oyster are
  • Starfish, Oyster Boy, Scaramouche, Swan and Langdon Hall in Toronto, 
  • The Whale’s Bone Oyster Housein Ottawa,
  • Peakes Quay, Claddagh Oyster House, The Inn at Bay Fortune, in Prince Edward Island”
Reputable wholesale suppliers which feature our products are:

  • Oysterboy in Toronto,
  • Pecnord in Qubec City,
  • Whale's Bone in Ottawa.